Dr. Antonio Piperata

Chirurgien assistant
Inscrit à l’Ordre des Médecins de Monaco.


2014: Diplôme de Médecine et Chirurgie – Université de Rome “Sapienza” (IT).
Thèse: “Acute Type A aortic dissection, risk factors, cerebral protection techniques, post-operative morbility and mortality” (Prof. M. Toscano).

2015: Master: “Clinic Echocardiography, basic and advanced” Institut de haute formation de Rome (IT).

2020: Diplôme d’Etudes Spécialisées en Chirurgie Cardiaque. Université de Padoue (IT).
Thèse: “Unilateral vs Bilateral Cerebral Perfusion During Aortic Surgery. A Multicenter Propensity Score Matching Analysis of 770 Patients”.
(Prof. G. Gerosa, Prof. G. Stellin)

2020-2023: PhD student “Angio-Cardio-Thoracic Pathophysiology and Imaging”, Université de Rome “Sapienza” (IT).

2022: “Cours avancé de chirurgie miniinvasive de la valve mitrale” Milan, Hopital San Donato. (Dr. M. Diena).

Parcours Professionnel

09/2012-07/2013: Externe des Hôpitaux APHP service de chirurgie cardiaque Hopital Européen Georges Pompidou, Paris (Prof. A. Carpentier, Prof JN Fabiani), Université René Descartes, Paris.

2014: Externe des Hôpitaux Faculté de Médecine Université de Rome “Sapienza”. Service de chirurgie cardiaque Hopital Umberto I, Rome (Prof. M. Toscano).

2015-2020: Interne des Hôpitaux de Padoue. Service de chirurgie cardiaque (Prof. G. Gerosa, Prof. G. Stellin).

12/2017-08/2019: Fellowship in cardiac surgery. CHU de Bordeaux, Hopital Haut Lévêque, Pessac (Prof. L.Labrousse).

12/2020-11/2022: Praticien Attaché, Service de Chirurgie Cardiovasculaire, CHU de Bordeaux, Hopital Haut Lévêque, Pessac (Prof. L.Labrousse).

Sociétés Savantes:
2018 : Membre de la Société Italienne de Chirurgie Cardiaque (SICCH)
2019: Membre :“European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery” (EACTS).

2020: winner of Atrial Fibrillation Fellowship (EACTS Francis Fontan Foundation.
Sponsored by Atricure

European journal of cardiothoracic surgery
Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
Arificial Organs
Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy
Journal of Clinical Medicine


Book: MANUALE DI CHIRURGIA GENERALE (D’amico, Piccin edition 2018)

  • Chapitre: “Cardiac trauma”: Author
  • Chapitre: “Pathology of thoracic aorta”: Author
  • Chapitres: “Valvular heart disease”, “coronary artery disease” and “mechanical circulatory support and total artificial heart”. Co-Author.


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    * These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Modine T, Piperata A*, Coisne A, Doisy V, Mougnier A, Vincentelli A, Koussa M, Pontana F, Bical A, Dubrulle H, Montaigne D. Preliminary results of a simplified aortic valve-sparing technique: A feasibility study. J Card Surg. 2022 Sep;37(9):2564-2570. doi: 10.1111/jocs.16691. Epub 2022 Jun 21.
    * These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • De Rui M, Tarzia V, Mazzochin M, Bertocco A, Ceolin C, Trevisan C, Tessari C, Cavalli C, Piperata A, Coin A, Gerosa G, Sergi G. Surgical aortic valve replacement in elderly patients: effects on physical performance, cognitive function and health-related quality of life. Aging Clin Exp Res. 2021 Aug 26. doi: 10.1007/s40520-021-01969-x.
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