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Scientific Events

The Cardiothoracic Centre regularly attends international congresses and is also at the initiative of :

The International Scientific Council Day

Since the opening of the Centre, the Scientific Council of the Monaco Cardio-Thoracic Centre has organised a medico-surgical day every year in November, bringing together internationally renowned specialists in cardiovascular and thoracic diseases.

Next International Day : Friday 8th of November 2024
Theme : Imaging and artificial intelligence in cardiovascular pathology

Secretariat / registration :
Sandrine Michalon
Tel : +377 92 16 82 11
email :

Previous International Day : Friday 3rd of November 2023

The CCM Medical-Surgical and Vascular Cardiology Meetings

Since its inception, the MAC has been at the initiative of important monthly meetings (4 week video) and the MAC Workbooks. These monthly meetings have evolved into the “Medical-Surgical and Vascular Cardiology Meetings”.

These regular meetings aim to raise awareness of the Centre’s expertise and the evolution of the expertise of its medical-surgical teams through informative and efficient presentations.
They are held each time, in Monaco and in different cities of the Côte d’Azur, the Var and Italy and are followed by a dinner to continue the exchange of information.

Monthly meetings (4-week video)

The meetings are traditionally held one Thursday per month, at 8pm, in the meeting room on the 10e floor of the C.C.M. (parking provided).
After a presentation by medical imaging of the interesting files of the past 4 weeks, a 30-minute presentation on current affairs is followed by a dinner to continue the exchange of information.

CCM Notebooks (journal of medical imaging news)

20 years after the first “4 week videos”, the CCM Notebook was born.
The first issue, published in December 2006 and initiated by Pr. Vincent Dor, complemented the files presented at the monthly meeting and was intended to be a durable medium that would allow the cases discussed to be reported to a wider audience.

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