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Our commitments

Pain is not inevitable, it can be prevented and treated. Only you can express how you feel and assess the intensity of such pain. Do talk about it with the health care team which is particularly attentive and trained. The team will do everything it can to relieve such pain (medication, massage …) even if it will not be able to guarantee the complete absence of pain.

The Committee for the fight against nosocomial infections is composed of competent medical and paramedical professionals. Amongst its tasks :

  • it ensures compliance with procedures and good hygiene practices,
  • it coordinates the execution of environmental verifications (surfaces, air, water) according to an analysis schedule carried out by an external laboratory,
  • it has set up, in partnership with the microbiology laboratory, a permanent surveillance system for the risks of nosocomial infection,
  • each year, it implements a programme of care-related infection prevention action.

The Cardiothoracic Centre is committed to a risk management approach whose objective is to ensure your safety and that of the care you receive.
The implementation of a multi-professional organization enables to carry out the necessary analyses to define action to minimize the occurrence of any undesirable event.
These measures complement the existing organization for health vigilance which concern blood transfusions, health products (medicines, medical devices, etc.) and risks of infection.


In the Principality of Monaco, any person of legal age may request access to all information concerning their health, which is held by the establishment, by writing to the Director. The patient may also designate an intermediary, a doctor, his/her designated person, husband or spouse, or one of his/her ascendants, one of his/her descendants, his/her brothers or sisters to whom his/her information can be sent. The information will be sent to him/her within 15 days if the medical file is less than 5 years old.

In order to ensure the “right care for the right patient”, reliable identification is carried out at all stages of your stay and guarantees safety and continuity of care. Thus, as soon as you are admitted, you will be asked for identification, and throughout your stay, your identity will be frequently checked. Please check the accuracy of the information on the identification tags and inform us of any anomaly.

To measure quality and safety of care, the Cardiothoracic Centre annually applies the standards proposed by French health facilities. These relate to the quality of patient record keeping, pain management and the monitoring of infection associated with care. The results are published annually on our website.

To complete these measures, audits are regularly carried out on the management and care by the medical and nursing teams according to validated criteria. The results of these audits reflect the coordination, quality, safety and continuity of care.

The Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre has a computer system designed to facilitate the management of its patients’ files and to carry out, if necessary, statistical work, in strict compliance with medical secrecy.
Unless you object, some information about you, collected during your consultation or hospitalization, may be the subject of computer recording reserved exclusively for medical use.
In accordance with medical ethics and current legislative provisions, the Cardiothoracic Centre’s medico-surgical team is at your disposal to provide you with this information as well as any necessary information on your state of health.
Any doctor you appoint, can also check your entire medical file.

The information concerning your health belongs to you. The teams, subject to professional secrecy, do not have the right to communicate such information without your permission. No information will be given to your entourage by telephone or in writing without your consent.
You can request that no information be disclosed to third parties.

The Cardiothoracic Centre is dedicated to helping reduce the impact of its activity within the framework of sustainable development. Over the past three years, commitments have been made with the Principality by signing the National Pact for Energy Transition in June 2018 and this action has been carried out since.

Your satisfaction

The entire healthcare team is at your disposal to listen and respond to your requests. During your stay, feel free to send your comments and suggestions to your nurse who will inform the Quality Manager and Management. Your request will be taken into account in order to provide a response.

A satisfaction survey is attached to the welcome booklet. In order to improve the reception and stay of our patients, kindly take a few minutes to fill it in and hand this over to reception when you leave. The survey will be placed in an envelope to preserve its anonymity.

Guaranteeing patient's rights

1 The Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre aims to be accessible to all and helps with administrative procedures to facilitate the care of patients of all origins.
Access to the establishment is adapted for people with disabilities.

2 The Centre guarantees quality of treatment, care and hospitality. Its teams are attentive to pain relief.

3 Patients receive clear and honest information on his/her pathology, the treatment available, and they participate in therapeutic choices. The person designated upon your admission will also be able to receive medical information about you and advise you in your therapeutic choices.

4 Medical procedures can only be performed with the patient’s free and informed consent. Such consent is in no way a disclaimer by the medical team. It is the counterpart of clear, fair and appropriate information.

5 Specific consent is required in particular for patients participating in a biomedical research protocol and for screening procedures.

6 Patients cared for by the Cardiothoracic Centre may, at any time, leave the Centre, except in cases provided for by law, after being informed of the possible risks he/she may incur and after having signed a hospital discharge letter against medical advice.

7 Patients are treated with respect. His/her beliefs, privacy and calm shall also be respected.

8 Respect of privacy is guaranteed to all hospitalised patient, as well as the confidentiality of their personal, medical and social information.

9 Patients may have direct access to the information contained in their records, particularly of a medical nature, through the medico-surgical team. Full medical records are given to them upon discharge, as well as to their general practitioner and cardiologist.

10 Patients have the opportunity to express their observations concerning the care and hospitality received. The Centre’s Management team is committed to giving the patient full satisfaction.

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