Your stay

Preparing your discharge

Discharge formalities

Your departure from the Centre will be organized with the medical team.
On the day of your departure, after the daily visit, we invite you to withdraw :

  • from 11 am onwards, , your administrative file at the Admissions Office (6th floor) where you will be able to pay any expenses related to your hospitalisation that are still due ;
  • from 11:30 am onwards, your medical file at the Medical Office (2nd floor).

Discharges on Sundays and public holidays

  • you will be able to withdraw your administrative file and pay hospitalisation costs on the day before, from 2.00pm to 4.30pm ;
  • the medical file will be handed to you by the doctor, on the day of departure.

When you leave, please remember to withdraw any valuables deposited in the safe, by presenting your receipt (the office, located on the 6th floor, is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 4.00pm).


Your discharge relies upon a medical decision. If you wish to leave against medical advice, you will be asked to sign a hospital discharge letter against medical advice.
Similarly, during your stay, any exit from the Centre is subject to medical authorization.

Your discharge file

The purpose of this file is to provide information on your stay and to ensure continuity of care by your cardiologist and general practitioner.

Payment of fees

The fees of the medico-surgical team are included in your invoice.

During your stay, we kindly ask you to gradually pay:

  • for meals your visitor or accompanying person ate at the self-service restaurant,
  • drinks taken at the restaurant,
  • hairdressing or beauty services.

The provision of a TV is part of the services offered to patients.

Fees to be paid

The fees to be paid vary depending on your social security and your healthcare plan.


If you are covered by the Monegasque healthcare system

  • Nothing to settle

If you are covered by the French healthcare system

  • the daily flat rate
  • the amount that may be due by your private health insurance policy
  • any co-payment
    If your main residence is located outside the Alpes-Maritimes,
    contact our administrative services.

Covered by the Italian healthcare system

  • Nothing to settle

Covered by a private health insurance

  • the flat rate balance in the absence of a third-party cover

Not covered by any health insurance

  • the invoice balance,
    minus the deposit paid upon admission

Download the Flat rates
for more information


Plan your mode of transport if you are covered under French social security

The medical administration department is at your disposal for any information on the terms and conditions of your discharge.

For your return home or transfer to a follow-up care facility, three modes of transport are possible :

  • by personal vehicle,
  • by accredited taxi,
  • by ambulance.

Before your discharge, the doctor and head nurse will decide on the most suitable mode of transport depending on your state of health and will draw up the relevant “medical transport prescription”.


Payment for transport

  • If you leave with your personal vehicle, you can make a request for reimbursement of your expenses using the appropriate form.
  • If you can justify 100% coverage for a long-term health condition, the carrier may be paid directly by the health insurance, under the third-party system.
  • If not, you will have to pay in advance and then be reimbursed by your health insurance. In this case, 35% of the costs will be at your expense or reimbursed by your private health insurance company.
  • If the current hospitalisation is the result of a long-term illness, 100% of the transport costs may be covered after the time necessary to update your file.
  • In accordance with Social Security regulations, accredited taxis may transport several patients at once.
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