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Clinical Research

Thanks to the synergy of its cardiac and vascular medico-surgical teams, the CCM is a forerunner in the implementation of several techniques and therapeutic processes representing major developments in terms of quality and safety.

The CCM has been conducting observational clinical studies for several years using statistical databases updated in line with medical activity. The aim of these studies is :

  • to systematically evaluate care activity internally, in order to guarantee and improve medical practices concerning the pathologies treated at the CCM, the clinical evolution of patients and therapeutic strategies;
  • to produce medical and scientific publications.

In 2023:

7 recruiting studies, including 5 multicentric and 1 monocentric carried out as part of the Monaco Scientific Center’s annual call for proposals:

  • 2 studies on cardiac stimulation
  • 2 studies on endoluminal treatment of aortic aneurysms
  • 1 study on the contribution of magnetic resonance technique in cardiac pathology
  • 1 study on the evaluation and validation of a numerical model applied to the percutaneous mitral valve repair technique (MitraClip)
  • 1 dosimetric study on interventional cardiology

10 completed or terminated studies (2 multicentric)

5 not yet recruiting studies (1 multicentric)

5 publications (3 multicentric) 

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