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Clinical Research

Thanks to the synergy of its cardiac and vascular medico-surgical teams, the CCM is a forerunner in the implementation of several techniques and therapeutic processes representing major developments in terms of quality and safety.

The analysis of statistical databases allows for systematic evaluative research :

  • in order to guarantee and improve medical practices concerning the diseases treated at the CCM, the clinical evolution of patients and therapeutic strategies;
  • for medical and scientific publication purposes.

Early 2021: 12 scientific studies are in progress, including one submitted to the Scientific Centre of Monaco and several have been published since September 2020.

Some examples of research work finalised or in progress :

  • Hemodynamic studies on left ventricular function after myocardial infarction and MRI analysis since 2001 (Professor Marisa Di Donato †, Florence – Italy, Dr Michel Sabatier, Dr Filippo Civaia, in particular mapping of the heart wall after myocardial infarction by magnetic resonance (GLE) according to four projections, to establish the feasibility and long-term follow-up of endoventricular reconstruction).
  • Mitral annuloplasty
  • Children and Road Traffic Accidents
  • Hybrid room dosimetry
  • Case report : Triclip
  • Case report: coronary artery fistulas
  • Angioplastie carotidienne
  • Masses cardiaques
  • VPP coroscanner
  • Case report : calcifications myocardiques
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