Your Child’s Hospital Stay

Your stay

Your Child’s Hospital Stay

All our medical, paramedical and administrative teams are at your disposal to meet your expectations and reassure you and your child.


The administrative documents required for your child’s hospitalisation are identical to those required for adult patients.
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If the child is a minor, his/her parents or legal representative must sign a care authorisation form at the time of the consultation or upon arrival. This document will be attached to the medical record.

Childcare equipment for small infants

At your disposal :

  • Steam sterilizer and blender,
  • “Avent” bottles with silicone teats,
  • High chair, bouncer, baby walker, stroller and a playpen.

Children’s meals

In the upstairs pantry, small supplies of milk, milk flour, dairy products, compotes and biscuits are at your disposal, as well as a blender.

Particular care will be taken when choosing your child’s meals: the dietician will suggest a “child” or “baby” menu that he/she will have drawn up. You can modify this menu according to your child’s tastes and appetite, by choosing from the menu that was given to you with the welcome booklet.

Your child’s hospital stay


Restrictions concerning visitors (August 2023)
1 visitor per day is allowed upon admission.
Visiting hours: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

During your child’s stay and, especially in intensive care, visits are strictly limited for reasons of hygiene and recovery.


  • only the accompanying parent who remains confined to the CCM.

During the stay in intensive care:

  • visit of both parents or a member of the host family 1x/day at 3pm.
  • During the stay in the Intensive Care Unit, visits will only be made with the authorisation of the medical team.

During the stay in hospital:

  • possible visit of the non-accompanying parent.

These arrangements can be adapted according to the patient’s condition.

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