Your stay


During your stay, visits are limited for reasons of hygiene and rest.

In the rooms

In order to organize treatment, visits are authorised between 2pm and 6pm and limited to 1 person per patient and per day.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to visit.

In intensive care

On the day of surgery : no visits are allowed. However, unless you object, your close relatives can contact + 377 92 16 80 00 and ask for the Intensive Care Unit, to obtain an update on your condition.

The day after surgery : During the stay in the Intensive Care Unit, visits will only be made with the authorisation of the medical team.
These arrangements can be adapted according to the patient’s condition.

Before intensive care visits, you must go to reception on the 6th floor, to obtain prior agreement.

Hygiene and safety rules

Smoking is not allowed in the Centre or in its gardens.

The use of mobile phones may be restricted in certain areas.

Animals are strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to bring plants to the rooms.

It is forbidden to bring food from outside.

For your safety, the establishment is under video surveillance.


Fire safety

Safety instructions are posted in the rooms and common areas. In all situations, it is important to remain calm and to follow the instructions of the staff who are regularly trained to deal with this type of situation.

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