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CSR Certification

The Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre was certified in June 2003 according to ISO 9001 standards, this certificate was renewed in June 2021 by bureau VERITAS Certification.

Each year, the means implemented by our establishment to fight against nosocomial infection, in terms of organization terms, prevention and surveillance are reviewed.

CSR Quality Certification

Quality and safety of care indicators

Audits concerning medical files are carried out by the medical and nursing teams according to validated criteria. The result of such audits reflects coordination, quality, safety and continuity of care.


Statement by Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre’s Management

In order to reinforce its desire for continuous improvement and to anticipate changes in its field of activity, the Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre engaged in a ISO 9001 certification process in October 2000.

The Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre, which opened in April 1987, is an independent medico-surgical institution which treats thoracic and cardiovascular diseases, including the most extreme and severe cases.

The Monaco Cardiothoracic Centre defines its policy according to the following lines :

  1. The provision of comprehensive treatment for patients from all geographic, social and cultural backgrounds, regardless of the degree of severity of the pathology and age (total absence of selection);
  2. Responsible for diagnostic or therapeutic actions by means of flat-rate pricing per disease, and a post-operative guarantee ;
  3. The assurance of continuity of care for patients hospitalised for scheduled or emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as care for patients in complex social situations and humanitarian hospitalisations – any administrative regularisations being carried out only after the event ;
  4. The provision of skilled professionals and high-performance infrastructures , latest generation equipment and the most reliable technology ;
  5. Total concern regarding iatrogenic risks and risks affecting the safety of property and people.

These guidelines are broken down into objectives which are defined each year during management reviews.

For this approach, the Centre is committed to :

  • transparency on changes in its Quality Policy,
  • assurance of adherence to the objectives it has set,
  • charging the Quality Manager with a monitoring mission on the effectiveness and sustainability of the Quality System implemented.

The role, involvement and commitment of everyone, whether practitioner, employee, external contractor, must enable to ensure comprehensive, effective and personalized care for our patients.

Sustainable development

The Cardiothoracic Centre is committed to reducing its impact, within the framework of sustainable development.
Over the past three years, commitments have been made to the Principality by signing the National Pact for Energy Transition in June 2018 and those have been fully complied with.

Review of the actions carried out

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