l'approche actuelle de la valve mitrale.

On 11th November, the CCM 2022 International Day was held, organized by the Centre’s Scientific Council.

This medical and surgical day was initiated at the opening of the Centre and has become a key event in the field of cardiology and thoracic pathologies.

The theme of this 33rd International Day was: “the current approach to the mitral valve”, with European and North American experts reporting on their experience and the means implemented today for an adapted therapy. About a hundred specialists attended this day of information, which is essential because of the development of cardiovascular diseases and the large number of valve diseases, particularly mitral insufficiency.

A meeting of excellence in the image of the CCM, which has built its reputation over the last 35 years on its medical and surgical expertise.

33ème Journée Internationale du Centre Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco - L'approche actuelle de la valve mitrale.

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