Our Practitioners

Our Practitioners

Recognized skills for personalized care

The constant aim of our medico-surgical team and staff is to guarantee you the best possible care through their competence, quality, safety of care and availability.

Our practitioners examine each patient’s file together and establish care protocols in a concerted manner. The Medical Manager, Dr. Armand Eker, who leads these daily meetings, plays a decisive role:

On a daily basis, my role is to provide the best care, meeting our standards of excellence and commitment to serving our patients.
While carrying out my activity, I coordinate the permanent multidisciplinary team dedicated to you, I define the lines of action, plan the medical resources, in consultation with the medical-surgical and paramedical team. I also coordinate our scientific research, which allows us to contribute to the ongoing evolution of therapeutic development.

Pr. Eugenio Rosset, Medical Manager

Professeur Eugenio Rosset, responsable médical, centre cardio-thoracique de monaco
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